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Originally Posted by KalisDuchess View Post
Not papered because she's a GSD Aussie hybrid, but color, size, temperament, and instinct conforming. We have intentions to do two Aussie litters in the next two years. As you may be aware the breed standard size has been in decline and the overall genetic pool is weak for the Aussie.
Huh? If I'm understanding what you wrote, you have a GSD/Aussie which your planning to breed to an Aussie in the hopes of improving the Aussie gene pool?

Although I, like pretty much everyone else on this board, do disagree with producing mixbreed puppies for whatever reason most people do it (most times money), at the same time as musher I also understand the mixed lineages being produced in the Alaskan Huskies, for the sake of producing better racing dogs for a kennel's own team or to sometimes sell to other mushers (not marketing to the general public as pets). GSD/Aussie is nobody's definition of an Alaskan Husky though and I just don't get how you think you're improving the breed by producing this mix. Unless the Aussie gene pool becomes so diminished that the registries are opened up to allow the introduction of "new blood" you can do nothing to improve a registered breed by producing unregistered mixbreed puppies.

I do hope Kalis is feeling better soon. Unfortunately he's at that age where they can tend to be klutzy and overdo the roughhousing with their buddies. I've had soft tissue injuries in a few of my dogs because they play really rough, and sometimes the soft tissue injuries just need time to heal. I had not long harness broke my Rain when she wrestled too hard with the bigger boys and ended up sore on a front leg for weeks. I kept her out of training that whole season but when I put her back into the team the next fall she was amazing. I wouldn't rush Kalis into working or you might end up with a chronic lameness if he doesn't get the chance to fully heal.

I would actually like to see pictures of your GSD/Aussie. That's what I suspect my Thunder is, though was a rescue that I adopted as a pup so I have no way of knowing for sure. For the record, he's a great dog and I love him to bits, but he's the slowest dog on my team and I think I'm going to leave him out of my racing team this year and just do some training runs and recreational sledding with him.
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