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I think to beat a horse "after" they've done something wrong is counter productive. they likely dont have any idea why they are being beaten , and beating a horse is never a good solution anyways. I believie to "correct" a horse with a slight sting of a whip "if nessecary" IMMEDITALY during bad/unwanted behavior is ok. But only if absolutly nessecary and nothing else works.
For instance my mother in law and father in law have mini horses and while not the same as large breed horses, let me tell you these little doodies can pack a whallop too. They almost kicked my mother in law to death one time..fighting over treats .
Anyways...they have a few that like to "bite" for the "fun" of it.
They dont like to "correct" them for thier behavior as they kind of treat them like "pets and baby them". (to an extent anyways).
Well I got tired of being bitten by this one paticular little mare ...and I'd tried, pinching her lip, shoving her head away, grabbing her ear, kneeing her, nothing worked. one day..I'd had OTHER than the biting , she was actually seeking attention from me...I tried all the others and she continued to she goes to bite again and I took her, held her in a headlock, and smacked her across her nose (HARD) and said "NO". I let go...she kinda shook her head...smacked her lips...went to bite me again..and I did the same thing.
She shook her head...smacked her lips...and walked away. A few mins later..she comes back over and starts rubbing her head on my arm asking for attention. I start to pet her..she goes to nibble....and then it was like "OH YEAH"..and STOPPED dead in her tracks.
She has NEVER bit me again.

I hated to do it.
But...she learned.
She still bites everyone else.
But she dosent bite me any longer.

I've a "little' experience with horses, although more so on a juvinile level. I barrel raced a few years on a friends mare. She was a pretty quick , and slightly tempermental thing. But found a "peppermint stick" (those soft ones) would cure most of her ill moods. She was called quick silver and she delighted me to no end. She was just a quarter horse, no special breeding, or ribbons. But I'd have given my left leg to have her for my own. I had one good spill into a barrel (my fault) and cracked a rib (lucky it wasnt my head)..and it scared me pretty good. I decided to "unborrow" her the next year..and then I moved out of state and stopped riding alltogether for awhile. She only "bit" me once, but it was my finger (my fault for not realising we'd got to the end of the peppermint stick)
Then after a few 'non riding" years
My last "riding " experince was rather funny. (or not ..depending on your humor). My father in law got a regular sized horse to keep all his mini horses company. Gypsy (oh boy that shouldve clued me in tobegin with)...was a pretty thing. but she had a look in her eye that I didnt trust all to well. Plus I hadnt been on a horse period in about six years. being stubborn. I decide. I'm going to ride her.
First ride was "rather" successful. I managed to stay "on" and get her to walk around.
Second time..."not so much" ..and she decided she WAS NOT going to the back of the pasture. I decided she WAS.and the FIGHT was on.
I was determined. And so was she.
She bucked, she kicked, she threw the biggest horse fit you've ever seen, all while I'm trying to STAY ON her...and so she decided...well I'll just RUN then.
So..I was your RUNNING to the back of the pasture then.
And she did. BOY DID SHE.
So...we get to the end of the pasture. I think.."sucess...I won".
Ha..boy did she EVER get the last laugh.
She stands there panting, and I was unpreparred (and completely "green" in horse language ) as she just all of a sudden BOLTS....I did my best...but within mins I was on her side...and hit the ground and rolled. I hit so hard that my husband heard me all the way at the other end of the pasture.
It took the breath right out of me..and I knew instantly that at least one rib was cracked. (later found out at least three were for sure..OWIE)
Gypsy...stopped (eventually) and came back to see about me. (well , I'll give her points on that one). and I was get back up on her. As I learned as a never lets the horse know they bested you.
I got back on her. Tears down my face, unable to breathe...barely able to hold on, praying she'd just walk. (thank god she did)..and we made it back to the barn.
I got off her.
The next passengers she had (another day), she bucked off and broke one of thier arms.
She was sold , to someone with more "horse sense, and patience" and we decided "gypsy was TOO MUCH horse " for us. She never bit, or kicked unpassengerd...but everytime someone rode her she threw a fit, bucked, bolted, ect....was just "spooky" i guess.

I also was "ran" over by a horse at age eight. totally my fault. I always fed my grandfathers horses "carrots" and and one day decided to stand in the middle of two of the studs...instead of stay behind the fence (like id been told too). I got trampled over. Had a good horse hoof bruise on my back..and scared the wits outta me. But I was "ok".
It taught me to "stay behind the fence" on the "big boys".
I also got thrown when on one of the studs, a train went by and "bud" spooked. Thankfully my grandfather was right there, and caught me before I hit the ground. He was over 20 hands high..I'd have likely cracked my neck as I was only five. I cried and didnt want to get back on. he made me. I'm so glad he I've loved horses ever since.

anyways..thats my little bit of horse experince. I dont know what I'd do if I encountered a "mean" horse. Probably "run" lol
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