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Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
I've been lucky with my horses, they were all pretty respectful of people and other than the odd head butt because the carrots weren't coming fast enough, I've never been bit, kicked or purposely dumped. Got stepped on a couple of times but that was my fault and fell off a few times but again either my horse spooked and I wasn't sitting solid and you know horse goes one way and you go the other!! Once in awhile I'd carry a crop but rarely used it, I always found I'd drop it and then have to go hunting for it after.

Gee, you must have had nice horses, pattymac. I have been bit, kicked, bucked off , knocked out by a horse striking me with its hoof, fallen with, fallen on when one reared over on top of me, and bolted with. All good fun, the horse riding, thrills and spills included. I didn't enjoy having bones broken in my foot by a racehorse stepping back onto it(I was brushing his tail), then pivotting as the boss led him out the door.
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