Thread: To Whip or Not?
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Again, well said. Golly, I've had horses for over 50 years now, and my husband longer - you make me feel ancient, erykah. LOL. Of course you must decide whether the horse needs gentle handling or not and also the strength of any discipline that any horse needs or can take. I'm soft on horses, for instance one showjumping fellow I worked for would put me on the horses he knew darn well would buck when fresh in from a spell (he was either scared of being bucked off or just sadistic LOL) but so sad for him, they never bucked with me. One that a guy taught to rear, only to have it go over backwards on him, rarely reared with me and then only little rears when he was impatient. So, yes, firm and kind, extra kind to those that may explode if treated badly. Horses are never born bad, we know that, someone makes them bad, and it's unfortunate if this new owner has one that is carrying a bit of a grudge or may even have been teased. Men can be boys, LOL, we know one here who'd walk up to a TB they were training and blow in its face. The horse ended up chasing him out of its yard. Serves him right. Stupid man!!

Gail, you mention a buggy whip, have you, or do you, drive harness horses?
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