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This pets that have passed away forum and the virtual cemetery are different

Dear members,

Our deep condolences on your loss. As pet lovers we are all here to support you in this time of sadness. We understand your grief.

In order to avoid confusion there are 2 places on where you can post pictures and tributes of pets that have passed on. There is the bulletin board forum (where you are right now) and the virtual pet cemetery. Here in the forum you can post tributes and get direct support from our different amazing members.

The virtual pet cemetery is a completely different section of the site that is not related to the bulletin board except that it also deals with pets that have passed on. There, you can post a more formal tribute with or without your pet's photo right in the center. Please note that the virtual pet cemetery REQUIRES A SEPARATE REGISTRATION. Your bulletin board loggin codes will not work there. But it is free and easy to set up. The virtual cemetery is located here:

Again our deep condolences on your loss.