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Originally Posted by cassblonde View Post
Purple - Wikket will be going to the vet this week for sure for shots and a check up - thanks for your concern. I will have to disagree with you about roly poly puppies though, as far as I've ever been able to tell there is no age/breed/species when it is healthy to be anything other than a proper weight. I do think he is too thin but hope it is a combination of settling into a new home and adjusting to a better food.


I just noticed here that he is 8 1/2 wks, I missed that. I just wanted to clarify that I was not recommending that puppies be overweight, that their body type is just not the same as an adult would be. It is pretty hard for such a little guy to be indeed overweight with so much growing yet to do, but it is possible to be under what he should be. My Minpins were very tiny as puppies, yet they had "puppy" look to them which looked I guess "roly poly" to me. They are now adults and have lost that look, are lean and lanky as typical Minpins are.

And...just remember that you promised us all a picture of Wikket!
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