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Just a quick update: We've baited Wikket's food with a bit of canned food and he ate much more happily. Mom has agreed to feed him on the same schedule that I feed my cat(4 times a day - he's a gulper, my cat). We finally went with baited food when he threw up bile which is a sure sign that the tummy is on empty.

Again I have to say he is acting fine - playful and happy and sleeping plenty as well as all puppies do. He has a vet appointment for Wednesday but of course if we feel he is still not eating enough we will take him in sooner.

Thanks again for your replies - it really does help to talk things out(and my Mother and I have been talking this for a couple of days now). I hope to get a shot of Wikket up soon as I am sure you will all love his wee little Ewok face
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