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IMO you are right to be concerned. Assuming that your puppy is at the correct age to be away from its mother, this weight is very tiny for a Shih Tzu, especially if you say he is thin. Puppies should not be thin, this is the time that they should look more roly poly, and have a little more meat on them. How old is he?

Has he been to the vet? A parasite burden could be a concern so I would consider that. Although you are feeding a good quality food, I would not count off feeding a quality canned, it will not make for a "picky" eater. Canned food is helpful as it is less processed than dry kibble, adds essential moisture to the diet, and is very digestable which is good for puppies, especially one which is underweight. If this puppy finds it more palatable, that is more important especially if he needs to eat more.

If he hasn't already, he should be seen by a vet asap to access his condition. Puppies of that size do not have the reserve to fight off a serious illness, and can go downhill quickly if you are not vigilant. Even though he seems healthy in other ways, if he is underweight so early on in his life he needs to be checked out. Catching something early can make all the difference. Good luck!
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