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Hi Desiree, and welcome to you! I hope you will enjoy the site, and will look forward to pictures of your pets.

I'm sorry you lost the latest puppy..:sad: Green liquid sounds like a possible infection. I'd suggest taking your girl to the vet. As she has had 3 litters, and problems with each.. I also would urge you to have her spayed, to avoid future health risks for her.. and more heartbreak for you.

Originally Posted by DesiP View Post
On the subject of spaying/neutering, I have no problems with anyone making that decision for their pet, however I dont believe in spaying or neutering, even if I dont ever breed again I wouldnt consider that avenue.
May I ask why dont believe in spaying and neutering? There are many benefits to this, and if you are not planning on breeding.. I am puzzled by why you would not wish to do this?
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