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Thank you

Thank you all for responding to my thread.

Katwoman, i will post some updated pictures of my pets soon. Thank you for your thoughts.

cpietra16, thank you and yes there are many starving dogs in jamaica,as much as I would love to take all of them or even 1 I dont live in a large enough environment to afford that however I am a newly elected member of the Jamaica Kennel Club (JKC) and hopefully i will be able to do more for those animals who are in need than I have been able to do before.

Rainbow, Thank you for your input, Pictures will be posted soon, I reviewed all your links I thought the video was especially touching and heart wrenching so many persons need to view that video. On the subject of spaying/neutering, I have no problems with anyone making that decision for their pet, however I dont believe in spaying or neutering, even if I dont ever breed again I wouldnt consider that avenue.
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