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Hi all

Hello everyone just to introduce myself..... My name is Desiree, I am an avid pet lover. Dogs have a special place in my heart. I have 2 parrots, three dogs,2 female yorkies and a shih tzu(another addition in a couple of months,akita) and a saltwater aquarium. I have been having trouble keeping my yorkie pups alive after delivery. I have been through 3 litters totalling 8 pups and only 1 has survived. Early this morning was the third litter and the pup died. I noticed a very dark green liquid which I have never seen before and I am not sure how to explain it. I am not a quitter, but loosing so many pups hurts and I almost want to give up on trying to breed my yorkies. I guess this is the final attempt to try and make this work. I would love some suggestions please. Thanks in advance.
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