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Rustycat gave you a great answer. I'm just going to add my own experience which is that not all Vets are up to date on FIP, how it progresses or how to handle it. I homed a stray kitten to a friend who was devastated when his Vet advised Willie had FIP and should be PTS very soon. Thank heavens he called me and another friend because while Willie is a carrier he has never developed the disease himself and is still fine and healthy these 8 years later.

Sadly an adult stray, one we went ahead and neutered before knowing he did have full blown FIP, was not so lucky. Murphy had wet FIP and deteriorated rapidly. We euthanized him a week after trapping him. We saved him from a horrible death, he would literally have rotted from the inside out. It's kind like having terrible peritonitis.

My own cats, three, had a lot of exposure to Murphy, he lived in our yard all summer and I saw him lying close to them sometimes. My cats remained healthy to good old age and never got FIP.

I hope your wee baby is all right.
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