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Originally Posted by AerisAllieandPJ View Post
...My bf and I believe in holistic healing and a healthy lifestyle. We've read a lot about kittens who had FIP who took tons of vitamin c and sodium ascorbate, and heathy organic food and lots of water who were able to have their cats longer or even cured them (rare cases I suppose) We are willing to do anything other than lose her.
Hi AerisAllieandPJ and welcome to the forum !

There is a specialized online community of people like yourself - newbies to FIP - and many others who are managing their FIP kitties' health who have years and years of collective hands-on experience (12 years) - a community that has 2200+ members and short, a place where I would go for information, advice and guidance.

I have personal experience with this type of group - I can assure you that these people will have the very latest information about treatments/drug trials/research results..........all the things you will want and need to know. Groups like this usually have lists of Vets who can competently work with these cats.

They will also know about these reports you've read about......but, common sense should tell you (or, at least strongly caution you about) that, if such stories were true, none of the current ongoing research would be happening....the online group I'm talking about would not exist....people would not be losing cats to this disease.

OK - here's that group: Support and Information for Owners of FIP Cats Just click the +Join Group button.......get yourself a new, separate email address in that process - it's a busy group and that will help you sort and manage the info.

That group will 'take you away'.........please do keep us updated, though.

One final piece of advice from my own and others' personal experiences: NEVER, ever, never....make 'final decisions' before first, stepping away and discussing everything with experienced knowledgeable people who are at "arm's length" from you.....and, while it's difficult, force yourselves to keep emotions out of this - if you don't, you won't be able to think clearly and make informed, rational choices.

Hope some of that helps !
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