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Unhappy Looking for some help/insight for our new white bengal kitten who is sick :(

Hi friends,
I am new to all this but happy to be here. My boyfriend surprised me six days ago with a white snow bengal kitten, born April 21 of this year. To be honest I never had cats before and even am allergic. But within minutes of having her I fell in love, she's the sweetest, cutest thing I've ever seen. And if when she gets bigger I start to sneeze, I'll take those allergy pills. At least I hope she gets bigger.... here's the sad part. My boyfriend picked this particular kitten because she looked so hungry and so tiny and so sad and he felt he could help her and save her. Day 2 we realized her weight it is...pot belly... were actually a problem, not just from malnutrition. We researched like crazy and assumed it was some kind of worms, though her stool was pretty clear. She did have some fleas, that we took off and cleaned her real good. Another main concern was her lethargy. All she does is sleep, but again, everyone keeps telling us that's cats and even kittens need more sleep than newborn babies. I wouldn't know! We took her to a FREE vet appointment that we got from a friend's coupon and the vet drained fluid from her tummy which was...straw colored. I know... She then proceeded to tell us she is very suspicious that it's FIP. We cried because we knew the news probably couldn't have been worse. I hyperventilated actually.
We have a different vet appointment today in which I am hoping they will actually run tests to find out exactly what's going on. But I wanted to post her symptoms and the FIP symptoms she lacks, in hopes maybe someone will have some insight or words of wisdom for us. Her name is Aeris (pronounced air-iss)

-She's got the pot belly, but we also found in our research that malnutrition and worms causes this so does FIP, liver failure, intestinal or blood parasites as well and even cancer.
-She is bones thin She weighs 1.9 lbs when she should be 3 lbs
-The pet place was not attentive to her and only fed her Gerbers baby food Hearing from the vet how appalled she was to hear this, we quickly made the switch to something else (Wellness, Blue Buffalo)
-She is extremely lethargic and sleeps most of the day and night
-When she is up she is alert and cuddly She was playing a lot up until last night when she had no interest in playing anymore
-She poops and pees great Still litter box training she still has mistakes now and then.
-Her poop was hard first few days but when we switched food now it's soft, light colored and she goes frequently
-No fever ever
-No loss of appetite this girl loves to eat and often
-The straw colored fluid Not sure if this is a symptom of anything else though I pray it is.

I know everyone will say take her to the vet- which I have done and of course I am going again today to a different one. I guess I just hope maybe someone has some hope. My bf and I believe in holistic healing and a healthy lifestyle. We've read a lot about kittens who had FIP who took tons of vitamin c and sodium ascorbate, and heathy organic food and lots of water who were able to have their cats longer or even cured them (rare cases I suppose) We are willing to do anything other than lose her. Anything is greatly appreciated.

Allie, PJ and Aeris (who is currently fast asleep on my chest)
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