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Recently got a puppy and the cats are pooping in the house!!! HELP!!!

We recently got a rescue puppy from the local shelter - very smart dog - a lab-retriever mix and the cats we have had for years started pooping around the house.

When we got the dog we installed a cat-door so the cats could go in and out of the room where we keep the litter box. One of the cats, the older one, was introduced to the door, stuck through it, and started off with no problem. The other cat, the younger one, about 3 years old, is kind of skiddish anyway, even before we got the dog and the younger one was the one who started the rug-pooping.

My guess is that they are either - a) upset about the dog being in the house, b) scared to go through the room where the dog is located so they can use the litter box, or c) lazy.

Is there some spray I can use on a room to completely discourage them from going into a room with? Do I need to get another litter box and put it upstairs away from the dog's. Kennel? Do I need to move the dog's kennel somewhere else?

Please help!

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