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This was in the paper pt 2

Finally made the paper here

Fri, March 26, 2004

Rottie ban bid bounced


Rotties are welcome in Rosenfeld after all. RM of Rhineland council rejected a proposed bylaw amendment Wednesday that would have banned Rottweilers from Rosenfeld, a town of about 300 people. Reeve John Falk, who on Sunday told The Sun the bylaw had a good chance of passing, said yesterday his council realized the municipality's existing animal control bylaw was good enough.

"We took a look at the existing bylaw and we thought everything was covered under that," he said. "We have rules and regulations in place to hand out fines to owners of animals running loose in the community."

The proposal to ban Rottweilers was put forward by Rosenfeld's village committee after a dog reportedly chased an elderly woman recently. However, the woman believed to be the dog's owner showed up at council Wednesday and disputed the story, said Falk.

The woman told council her dog got loose only once or twice and doubted her dog chased the elderly lady, said Falk. She only became aware of the alleged chase after reading about it in the local newspaper, the woman reportedly said.


She wasn't the only one against the proposed ban. Municipal officials received a number of calls and e-mails this week after news of the proposed bylaw spread, said Jake Bergen, the RM's chief administrator.

Falk said almost all of the calls were from dog owners and breeders living outside the municipality. He said, though, that the message was heard and the proposal -- which he admitted was a "knee-jerk reaction" to one incident -- isn't likely to return anytime soon.

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