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I think you mean dog behaviourist? Keep in mind there is NO certification, licensing, or education required before any Tom, Dick or Harry can put out a shingle proclaiming themself to be a dog behvaviourist.

An animal behaviourist requires a university degree but there is no such thing as a degree program in dog behaviour (correct me please if needed, but I am not aware of one) so please be careful you deal with someone who didn't simply take an internet course and stick a shingle out.

That said, may help you to find one who at least keeps up some membership and adheres to the rules of conduct this organization espouses. There are some listed in London who say they work on "problem" dogs. Even so, make sure you ask lots of questions. What is their training? What theories of dog training do they like? What problems do they specialize in? How long have they been doing this?

ETA: personal recommendations are great too. I'd still ask lots of questions though.
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