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looking for dog therapists in London Ontario

Hi there,

I rescued a 4 year old Border Collie/Blue Heeler named Jazper. I found him on Kijiji last summer. I Don't know much about his history but I am definitely discovering that I wasn't told the whole story.

What I was told was...
He was basically a service dog to a woman who needed surgery but was unable to have it do to a blood condition. Jazper would do things such as bring her pillow or blanket pick up whatever was dropped or she would point at. Jazper also has a list of tricks that I am only beginning to scratch the surface of. For a reason that I am unaware of (but have my suspicions of) he was tied up in the upper loft of a barn for 2 years with limited interaction or socialisation. My understanding is after her surgery she met a man and began a life with him. My guess is that Jazper became jealous and possessive. And That's why he was locked up.

We have many issues with behaviour but my biggest concern is the aggression when he has done something like get into the garbage or eat food off the counter. He has attacked my spouse once already and become aggressive towards him one more than one occasion. We definitely have issues with food but I am very concerned about his aggression when he's in trouble.

I need any help we can get! He has the potential to be an absolute amazing dog!I can't give up on him.

Thank you in advance,

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