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Help Espresso

HI Everyone,

Espresso had a very hard start to his young life. He was hit by a car where he fled in shock to a second story baclony.
When I rescued him and brought to the vet, I only had three options

1) Make an appoitment with an orthepedic surgeon leg.
2)amputate his leg
3) euthanise him.

He's only nine month old, he's so sweet, cuddly and loveable, I decided to make an appoitment with the orthepedic surgeon. Espresso had surgery couple of days ago, the surgery cost over 2000$ (This price does NOT include, x-rays, fiv tests, pain medicine and boarding at the vet clinic)

I have created a website for Espresso, where you can get regular updates about our special guy!
Please log on and take a look at the before and after pictures.

Here's a picture of Espresso before surgery, if you look at his front leg (the white one) you can tell it's big and swollen.

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