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Unhappy why is my dog having a problem with changing his food

Hi: I was perscribed a vet food called Medi Cal by Royal Canin Hypoallergenic HP for my older dog who is 9 yrs old now, which ended up not helping his problem.

I have 2 other dog's, one who had kidney and crystal's forming into stones at the age of 14 weeks when I rescued her and the other one just had allergies (I thought it was just pollen allergies as after a car ride he would get a lot sleep in his eyes).

So I decided to feed all the dog's this food, as the vet said it would be good for the girl dog also. Upon finding out a natural cure for my older dog who got hot spots and sores on him, it only took 3 baths and he is now healthy and I can feed him anything now. However, everytime I try to feed my Great Pry a different food as I was worried about the protein count in the vet food 19.5% he get's an upset stomach I think but just won't eat anything but this vet food which is 115.00 a bag. Can this be fixed can I somehow change him off this food. He is not yet 3 years old and needs more protein I think. I am also concerned about the soya as a protein.

I have boughten Go Natural Salmon and Oatmeal formula which he ate for 2 day's then would not and I picked up Natural Balance Sweet Potatoe and Fish Formula. Two very good foods. I feel there should be no reason he is sticking his nose up to them as my other 2 dogs are fine with it. Any advice. Help please.
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