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Nanook-black stools

Hi guys,

I'm hoping this is nothing to worry about, but I'm not sure. Nanook has had chronic diarrhea since we've had him. He's had some medical issues and is on steroids and antibiotics (clyndamycin) for almost 2 weeks now and has been fine. Today is the first day he has had solid stools. He did have one very soft movement earlier, but 3 solid. The las one he had was completely black (almost a blue-black). No foul odor like they have been. The problem is he eats everything he can get in his mouth which includes black bark chips, wood chips, pebbles and he even took a bite out of the neighbors plastic bag that had grass clippings in it (it was a run-by bite and swallow!). If I try to take it out of his mouth he will swallow whatever it is whole.

I know he did eat some black bark from around the tree, but he does it every chance he gets and his stools have never been black. My mother in law did give him some blueberries today, it was a good handful, as well as a couple of strawberries. Could that make his stools appear black? Otherwise, he is acting normal... happy and playful! Should I be concerned about the color?

Thanks to anyone who can help
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