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Elizabeth Ann, when you coddle, you are reinforcing bad behaviour. If your dog is afraid of the vacuum, for instance, if you start the vacuum and react to your dog's fearful behaviour by shutting of the vacuum or picking him up and cuddling him - you are teaching him that when he is acts frightened, he gets what he wants. Go about your vacuuming in a matter of fact manner, ignoring the fearful behaviour as much as possible. The pup should learn that this is just something that happens, nobody gets hurt, and stay out of the way.

If you are out for a walk and pass a yard with a large barking dog inside a fence - instead of picking up your pup and talking sweet to it, laugh at the big dog, tell your dog how silly it is for getting all worked up and keep right on walking. Your pup will get his cue as to how to react from you.

As for dog parks, some people think that they are wonderful. Personally (and this really is just my personal opinion) while I can guarantee my dog's behaviour, I can't another dogs behaviour and I have met way too many people who don't take their dog seriously to risk my dog.
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