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Originally Posted by meb999 View Post
Being the prudent dog-mom that I am, I have been to the vets on numerous occasions for Buster's digestive problems. And I have the credit card debt to prove it
Buster's had quite a few full blood panels done, rectal exams...I've brought in 'specimens' to have tests run on them. The whole kit and kaboodle has been done. According to the vets he's in tip-top shape. She thinks he may have an irritable bowel and an intolerence to certain foods. She's told me again and again, that all this is food related. I just have to keep listing the foods I've tried and finding the common denominator that's causing Buster's upset tummy
Thanks for worrying, but I'm definetly not self-diagnosing.

I am not speaking specifically of you Since your dog's problems is bowels rather than skin, Here is some info you might want to have your vet look at, I just checked to see if it is available in Canada for small animals(which it is) otherwise would have had to get thru a vet who cares for livestock

I know one vet( Suzanne Stack dvm) in the US usually recommends this with dogs with ongoing or constant flare ups of diarreaha before going thru all sorts of expensive testing and biopsy, colonscopies etc,as sometimes related to a bacteria most dogs can handle but some have problems with and because because most dogs can handle, fecal testing can present as normal, some of these bacterias are resistant to tetracylines which make the tysolin a better option and she says most dogs respond to this

Brand Name: TYLOCINE TAB 200 MG
Source: PROVEL
Active Ingredient: TYLOSIN
Comments: DOG, CAT
Date: 91/04/24

This article you might find the most interesting , it talks about testing and it describes how to tell if the problem is in the large or small intestines if in the large intestine diet change may help but if in the small it is related to something else, but since your vet feels it is food related the problem must be in the large intestine which is where the tylan powder use is most effective, some dogs do need to stay on long term otherwise there are re-ocurrances
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