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Originally Posted by Lynne_B View Post
Do you have something to back up that statement, or are you just making generalized comments without any real advice. Where's this "amount of evidence" you speak of? And unless every dog that is overweight has a thyroid problem, it's not a lie that food makes a dog fat.

Arden, I think it's great that you have found methods that work for you and your dog. I was in street safety classes with Brad Pattison, and it worked great for us. I don't know anything about Don Sullivan, but I'm glad it worked for you.
It is a lie that food makes a dog fat, a lie perpetuated by those who find it necessary to justify their backwards training methods.

I've seen the so-called street safety and they are the very opposite of that. There is little safety in running your dog into a lamp post because you decided to swerve at the last moment.
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