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Life with the new rescues

We have had our ups and downs this first 10 days of being a 3 dog family. Everyone is quite happy and adjusted to living together in their new home. However the new arrivals are not totally housebroken. I knew when I took them on they would get into anything not locked down or chained up!! After a couple of whizs one in the bedroom the first night ( chalked it up to stress and another new home) another in the living room on my new area rug the next night (not impressed), and lastly one in my spare room( A protest whiz perhaps for being left alone for an hour and a half when I took chum with me to run some errands). On night number 4 I said ok you guys spend the night in the kitchen. I blocked the door way (or thought I had!). When I got up in the morning we had gotten into the dogfood cupboard and eaten an entire 1 pound bag of Zukes treats. Then jumped over the baracade and proceeded to hoark up 7 piles of undigested treats all over ... you guessed it the new area rug! Night 5 blockaded in the kitchen again, this time I wheeled the portable dishwasher into the doorway to blocki it, no getting around or jumping over it! when I got up the next morning....holy crap...literally... 5 piles of crap in the kitchen...the bed full of puke...whizzed on 2 of my kitchen rugs....3 pukes on the back landing....a whiz, a crap and 2 more pukes at the bottom of the stairs. Fun start to the day at 5 am. On the bright side they did use the pee pad I had put down as well! Oh well at least they had purged all the treats they had eaten.
So....the dogfood cupboard now has a toddler lock on it...I tie my folding door to landing shut at night. We get blockaded in the kitchen at night, with a pee pad ... just in case...even though before I go to bed everyone goes out for a whiz. We have now gone 5 nights in the kitchen at night and no whiz or crap, so far so good ...if we make it to 2 weeks and no further occurences , we will be allowed to have free access again to the house at night.
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