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Someone please help me

Hi, my name is Bryan and I am having a severe problem with my 2 year old siberian husky Fang. On saturday early in the morning he had 4 seizures and we took him to the hospital and they gave him PB. Ever since we got him back from the hospital though he has not stopped barking and it's a loud bark that almost sound like a goose. He'll do it for hour on end and then falls asleep for 1-2 minutes and then continue to bark. We took him to a neurologist and had an mri done and he has no brain damage but he wont stop barking and me and my mom have no idea what to do. The vet said if he doesn't stop we will have to put him down but I refuse to do that because they said he has no brain damage and his bloodwork came back fine. If i take him for a walk or he is up and moving he doesn't bark but the second he sits still he screams and wont stop. If anyone can help me try and get him back to normal I would greatly appreciate it. Me and my mom haven't slept in 2 days and it's terrible seeing him like this please someone help us.
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