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UPDATE -- General is doing well, but because of the lingering "not himself" signs, we did our trip to the vet yesterday. We did X-rays at my request (I thought it best to cover all the bases without having to drag my poor guy to the vet again anytime soon, plus we got 10% off becuase April at my vet's office is "seniors' month.") X-rays all looked good. We did, at the vet's recommendation, a specific fPL test to see if there were any issues with the pancreas, and it came back today as normal.

The vet wanted to be sure we hadn't missed anything really simple, and noted that we hadn't checked General's BP, so she checked, and it came back high at 180. She said they take into account that BP will be higher during the visit, but acceptable levels really only go up to 150. So, she said that this, combined with the jump that we saw in the thyroid levels in General's last blood test could suggest something to reevaluate another month down the road. She suggested we consider the Free T4 test that SCM mentioned.

For now, we are, again, going to wait and see and I will just continue to monitor things and be aware of any obvious changes.

Luckily, General seems to be feeling pretty good a good deal of the time. With luck, things will improve on their own. In the meantime, I need to get my anxiety under control! It's hard not to feel like everything is wrong with my little guy when I get myself all worked up! Maybe it's all my obsessing that's making General act funny... wouldn't that be the kicker!
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