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Thanks SCM for the tip on the T4 test. I wasn't aware there were different kinds!

Unfortunately, the Pepcid AC seemed to have no effect. I suggested to the vet that I'd like to give General some time, unmedicated, to monitor his behaviour and to see if things will work themselves out. She said that was going to be her suggestion as well.

Well, General's been doing pretty good. Still seems healthy in all the crucial ways, but still not 100% himself.

I'm reluctant to believe this change is unrelated either the medication or my terrible job of administering it. :sad: And now, General is (in my mind) confirming my suspicions. He's been having sneezing fits over the past few days, especially tonight, and he's been shaking his head, pawing his nose, sniffing, but in reverse in that he's huffing outward through his nostrils from time to time like he's trying to clear something, and tonight after a sneezing fit, he was scatching his ears too. The noticeable swallowing continues as well. So, I suspect the beginnings of a respiratory infection or something along those lines. And this was exactly my fear right from the day the meds went down the wrong pipe and his started coughing and I noticed a bit of sneezing and watery eyes. (Ok, well, I was initially fearing aspiration pneumonia, but you catch my drift.) But the vet seemed to dismiss the idea when I posed it at that time. I'll be making another appointment (sigh... sorry General) to see what the vet thinks of these symptoms. So frustrating!

I just want my guy to be his laid back, relaxed, carefree self. He deserves that!

Anything else that anyone can suggest for things I should have checked in relation to these symptoms? Have others had kitties who behaved the same way?
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