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BLOODWORK & URINALYSIS UPDATE -- The vet just called to say that all the test results came back normal! Woo-hoo! Even the amylase level that was slightly elevated last year has come down and is back in the normal range. Yay!

She said the only thing that the test results suggest keeping tabs on in the future is the thyroid. The numbers are still in the normal range of 19-50: he's at 44 compared to last year when he was at 29.8. But she said it's not somethng to be concerned about right now as, again, the levels are still in the normal range.

YAY! So happy to hear good news!

As General has continued to do the lip-smack and swallow, she would like to try him on the Pepcid AC -- 1/2 of a 10mg tablet once per day for 5-7 days to see if there is any noticeable change in this behaviour. With any luck, if it is nausea that General is experiencing, it will take care of this and he'll be right back to his old self.

Love4himies -- I wondered too about the effects of the medication on how General was feeling. The vet advised though that, as General has been a week off the meds now, they should be completely out of his system.

He's definitely much more himself than he has been over the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness. I was really missing his head-butts.

Thanks to everyone for the support. It's great to have some cyber-hands to hold while waiting for news.

General (General Bear), my handsome guy; 13 years old
Smokey, my beloved companion of 20 years, you are missed.
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