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I'm supposed to be going away for a few days next week -- Tuesday to Thursday -- and I'm convinced that something's not right with General, so I thought I'd try getting an appointment with the vet for today, so that he could at least have a check up to address any immediate concerns and, were there any bloodwork to be done, I'd have the results Monday before I had to leave. That way, if there were anything more serious, I could cancel my plans and stay home with General.

Unfortuately, my vet's office is completely booked today. I managed to get an appointment for Monday morning, which is good. I'll be glad to have the vet at least take a look at him. The downside is having to wait until Tuesday for any test results. Sigh...

I have NO problem, of course, cancelling my plans to be with my General Bear. But I'm also trying hard to separate my anxiety over what could be wrong from the signs that General is putting out there about how he is actually feeling.

It's funny... I can manage stress in so many other areas of my life, but when it comes to my little guy, I'm just a head case. :sad:
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