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February 2011 photo challenge - Pets in Black and white

Tomorrow is the 1st of the shortest month of the year

what's the challenge for February??

Traditional?? love/Red/Hearts?? or something off the wall, different??

Well it might be the shortest month in days but sounds like it is going to be the longest in rotten weather...the way it is going to start out anyway!

So....more snow themes!????

Bump. I'm out of ideas besides the trite Valentines.


ideas any one??

Marko help!!!! we need ideas!!

What about the opposite of what valentines is all about... how about heartbroken pets??? You know... the pics we have where they just look soooo pitiful

Marko can we use your podcast from your photography site,

what about black and white??

has it been done??

Thx for the suggestions Breeze and others!
Pets in black and white has not been done and i think it's a good challenge - buuuuuut not sure all the members know how to convert their images to black and white..... (If members are interested to know about the podcast Breeze referred to please feel free to Pm me)

Here's a few other suggestions:

- Pets in red
- Mealtime
- pets doing tricks

Given that it's Feb 1 today please feel free to support any of the suggestions in this thread - OR suggest something completely new. I'll check back late tonite or early tomorrow morning and the theme with the most support will be this month's challenge.



I like the heart broken look idea. My pets are masters at this expression and so I'm sure are other people's pets. Capturing it in a photo would be a fun challenge.

Originally Posted by marko View Post
not sure all the members know how to convert their images to black and white.....
oops I was thinking more of the lines in "gray scale"

I like the black and white and the heartbroken themes

Yeah, the B&W and "heartbroken" ones are both good... personally, I think the latter is more challenging; B&W is a one-click tweak in most image-editing apps.

black and white or grayscale means the same to me so i think we are talking about the same thing.

yup i can pull off both heartbroken and black and white,,could probably get black and white heartbrokens..

I already have a heartbroken in mind... and it's... well, the dog is black and white, even if the picture isn't

I'll let this go till tomorrow morning.....

It's looking like a toss up between heartbroken and black and white.

If a few more people would state a particular preference - that would be great!


Black and white sounds cool to me.

LOL - By my count there is 50/50 support between BW and heartbroken. SCM's vote brought it to a tie.

Soooo - I guess I'll make the final call....and I'll choose Black and white simply because I think it would be a hard challenge for the cat people. Dogs really ARE the champs of that heartbroken look.

and that COULD always do a twofer and show heartbroken in black and white.

thanks for the input everyone - merging suggestion posts now.
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