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Originally Posted by BMDLuver
Good concept but each rescue etc... has their own guidelines and not all applications are thorough enough. Most rescues "tweek" their applications a few times in a year as the need for changes becomes apparent after say a home visit, a phone conversation etc.

In that case, how about a basic standard form that covers all the main, common questions, and then each rescue can have a secondary form with more uncommon or specific questions? That would still cut down paperwork by 80% (i'm guessing).

Also, by having a thorough basic form, all rescue applications would be brought up to a standard, and it would make the adoption process two tiered, in that the basic form would show off any major red flags, etc, and the rescue wouldn't have to bother with them.

It IS frustrating to have to deal with so many different application forms, and quite frankly, if I hadn't been educated about BYB's already, I would have just given up and gone to one. I'm sure there are others who actually did go and buy a puppy due to frustrations in the adoption process. That's why I think it should be made as smooth as possible. In other words, show how adoption is the better way and thereby steal people away from BYB's in order to better educate them.
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