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Suggestion for Rescue Organizations - Standard Adoption Forms


I'm in the process of trying to find a dog to adopt, and I've noticed something... its a lot of repetitive "paperwork".

So I was thinking, is there any way to come up with a standard adoption application and eventually have all the rescue organizations use it? That way potential adopters can fill out the form once, then just save a copy and email it out when they need it again. I'm personally filling out more or less the same information over and over again, using a different application form for every single rescue I contact. The best part is, the dogs are usually adopted by the time I apply, but that's another story

I'm just worried that people might just get fed up with it and be turned off to rescuing a dog. One application is fine, but try filling out 10 with the same info, about 15 mins each. So if there was a standard form... would anyone use it? I'd be happy to design the form myself (I'm a graphic designer) but there's no point unless people will start using it.

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