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Actr1um Holistic Dog Food....

I was looking at my Wal*Mart flyer last night and saw an advertisement for this dog food and was hoping to find some input about it's quality etc. The ad said it has no corn, wheat, fillers, or artificial preservatives...and it is very affordable!! I wish they had sample size available to find out if my dog and puppy will even eat it. I have been searching for affordable and healthy (lol...those two don't always go together...affordable is usually doggy junk food) food for my dogs, preferable a few different kinds they enjoy so I can give them some variety. I have read that adding plain yogurt or cottage cheese is a good way to bring up the protein levels.
For the people that have bought this food...did your dogs like it???
My dogs like Oven Baked Tradition ( ) but it is expensive and I think it must be lacking in something because they get loose stool and my puppy starts eating dirt.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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