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Have you considered teaching your dog a bark and a quiet/hush cue? It's fairly easy to do. Set aside 4 x 5-minute sessions per day. Have your dog near you and knock on a table, counter, wall. As soon as your dog begins to bark, say "bark" and immediately offer a yummy treat. As soon as your dog takes the treat and is no longer barking, say "hush" and reward with another treat. Repeat. You should not say anything else, do not talk to her and please don't reprimand her if she makes a mistake. By the end of few weeks, your dog should have learned what each cue means and will do it on demand. I would suggest you try it in different rooms at different times of the day after the first week. It's imperative that you keep in mind that in the meantime, please, please do not use corrections if your dog barks at anything she hears in order to avoid confusing her. This way she learns it's ok to give warning barks but will also learn to stop when you ask her to .
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