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Thank you for your reply! Yeah, it's hard to believe she's gotten to 15 already!

You may be on to something with neuropathy. I was thinking it was a movement she made trying to avoid a pain. It's always just the right hind that she will accidentally drag. It is not causing any type of abrasions at this point, but I will keep an eye on this. I did take some short videos to post here, but not sure if videos work.

Since moving to the acreage, this is the first point in her life with us that we've known her wanting to go for a walk. When we lived in the city she would go hide if I got her harness out. She didn't like leaving the property, so we always just got her to play with toys in the yard. It's nice to see her out and about having a good time now. <3

In all honesty she's doing really well for her age. The vet commented last time that her blood work looks like a young dog.
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