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Hm, I was surprised when it turned out that my Cooper has food allergy...He was itching like crazy and shaking his head constantly and I suspected he had ear inflammation or something like that, but didn't expect to be told that it was caused by food allergy. It turned out that ear inflammation, diarrhea and even chronic gas are the symptoms of food allergy. Our vet even asked me if my dog lick his feet....??!!

Now when JRTowner said that his pet has both food and environmental allergy, I remembered that my vet also told that most pets are usually allergic to more than one thing, but luckily, Cooper has 'only' a grain allergy. It's not something you wanna hear when you think you are doing it all right I know pet food labels can be a bit tricky to decipher and I usually pay enough attention to it, but I never thought about the manufacturing process?? How can I, as a pet parent, can check something like that?

Anyhow, when I realized that Cooper needed special diet, I switched to Ivorycoat grain free food and it still works ok for us for the past 4 months. What I am afraid of is that he might get bored of the same food type... Earlier, I used to change his food every 6 months, since he just used to get bored of it after a while.
Has anyone of you had any experiences with this food type?
If you have any other recommendations regarding grain free food, please share!

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