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Thanks for the input! I have looked at Rayne before and have been impressed with it as a veterinary diet, however, it would be VERY expensive for me to feed it to my 130lb dog. Not that I wouldn't do it, it's just I would like to take this one step at a time as I am a stay at home mom and need to be thoughtful on the money I am spending. I also feel the same way about Atopica, it's a great product but would really break my bank to have him on it. LOL. If I see no results with this feed trial I would consider doing allergy testing. I am familiar with the Dr Yu Clinic out of Guelph University which comes here regularly to do testing. I did look through all of the diets he has been on since birth and it seems as though chicken and poultry seem to be the common protein, with one exception, I had him on Acana Pacifica for probably 9 months, he did not improve. I also have a JRT with chicken allergies who did not do well on this diet so I am wondering if it is an issue with eggs or a possible cross contamination with that diet. Either way we are trying something new and hopefully we see some improvement. I have been very impressed with Satori and hope to spread the good word about it and the great company it is.
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