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Have you had your dog allergy tested? You have several options through a Vet specializing in dermatology; blood test, skin scrapings, mini innnocultaions to determine the exact allergans. Then some make up injections, use homeopathy, drugs, or best, avoidance, but that's hard with the environmental ones.

Due to unrelated illness my dog is now off the Atopica that made his seasonal environmental allergies tolerable and now he IS on a Rx diet, Rayne Low Fat Kangaroo Maintenance, which is also an allergy food.

Amazingly his allergies have ceased. Before he was on raw food and that also cleared up his allergies but it's hard to control the fat levels with raw.

I also did the Nutriscan saliva test on him and we found he Does have some food allergies after all.

I looked up the Satori food, it seems like a decent food with a good ingredient list but I have not fed it or dealt with the company. It's nice that it is Canadian. Good luck, let us know how the food works out for you.
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