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Food allergies and manufacturing processes

My Great Dane Hercules may have both a food allergy and a environmental allergy. When discussing with my vet, they suggested I put him on the veterinary diet as these companies clean out the "dog food machines" between batches of foods. I told them I would look into the brands but confessed I am a bit of a dog food snob. I went online to research the brands and was very disappointed in the ingredient line up. I was surprised to find some veterinary diets use chicken fat, especially since I suspect my dog is allergic to chicken and if cross contamination is an issue why wouldn't chicken fat be. Anyway, I went to my local pet store (in Saskatoon) and discussed allergies with the very well informed owner. He suggested I try a Canadian owned brand called Satori, they have a lamb and rice formula which does not contain even eggs (which I guess chicken allergy dogs may react to). I contacted the company to inquire about their manufacturing process. They also will clean out the machines between food with compressed air, they also hold back the first part of a food and they always make the chicken variety last to ensure it does not compromise their other flavors. I was thoroughly impressed by Satori's customer service and the information they gave me. Has anyone else asked their food company about their manufacturing process? I'm just wondering if all pet foods do this?
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