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Okay I am spitting now! I received all the complete pathologists reports, albeit slightly reluctantly, from the vets about 10 days ago.

Turns out when all the tests were done back in May and we were told nothing was wrong the pathologist has noted possible IBD on the reports.

The follow up tests done in June, again when we were told nothing wrong, upgrade it to lymphophenia, with a 10% drop in her lymphocytes and tons of warnings over the reports. Also suggest possible kidney/renal issues kicking in at this point.

I am so mad right now - I just want to storm into the vets and ask if they even read the damn reports 6 months ago or just filed them away. The progression of IBD into lymphoma over this time frame is bang on for untreated IBD.

I am thinking of moving vets for my other cat. Suggestions of what to do here if anything?
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