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Hummus and pita
Mini Quiches ( I don't eat eggs, but I once saw mini quiches in mini-cupcake silicone pans.. they popped out perfectly )
Pita Wraps with deli meats
Fried Rice (either bought or made, it's not too expensive to buy and ration it off for a few days)
Vegi Cucumber ( Recipe : )
Aspiring Groomer & Dog Trainer
Obsessed with researching all things dog, especially anything he eats.
Big on 'real food' feeding, and raw feeding. I've jokingly been called a 'real food activist' for dogs.

My Sparky is 4 years old (Dec 7th 2007), pure bred Pomeranian from a bad past. Got him when he was too young -found out later-. He has a laundry list of medical problems, but we're working to get him in tip-top shape!

He truly is my fur baby.
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