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Good day of shopping for cat food :)

Ok had a good day of cat food shopping yesterday, i had a free coupon for 1 fancy feast can, a free coupon for 2 free cans of spots stew for cats from halo, plus at the petco i went to , they had friskies canned cat food for 20 for $9 , plus someone had laid a friskies coupon on the shelf for $1 off of 15 cans. So i did really well yesterday. Wish i could get free coupons everyday. I did print out a coupon for $5 off of Felidae dry cat food, does anyone know if that is ok stuff to use with the wet food ? I know alot of people dont use hard cat food, but i need to use it from time to time, and my one cat squirt wont touch wet food no how, no matter the flavor, texture, or consistancy.
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