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Originally Posted by chico2
I was watching a program yesterday about the"Best Friends Sanctuary"in Utah,how about shipping all the 100+ kittens to them they get animals from all over the world.
I know that would not be possible,but it would be great if it was..
It's 7.000 acres of love for animals,any animal,a beautiful place,one day we'll go on holiday there and volonteer to work with the animals.
Funny you say that Chico. Best Friends Sanctuary is a dream place for any rescuer. I visit their website regularly and hope that one day...

Our "local pound" here is in fact a 100 acre sanctuary (and rehab center for wildlife) and the animals are happy there. But since this is not the US, we get no donations whatsoever and I am sure you can imagine what the costs of caring for all these animals are...
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