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Exclamation Cat & Kitten Overload

Sasha's Den Rescue & its local no-kill pound have approximately 100 homeless cats and kittens at the moment. We find boxes full of kittens almost each day at the boarding kennel door or at the mailbox on the side of the road. If you like cats and even though you already have one or more, please, help us by adopting one. Not even an adult cat who could be a challenge to introduce to your family, just a cute and tiny little kitten who will fit in just fine. We have them in all patterns and colours.

This is never gonna end. People just don't get it - cats reproduce like crazy, and petshops sell them for 5$ to people who find it soooo cute to have a litter, just for fun. :sad:

Just a sample (I'll post more pics later):


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