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I tried calling in to Dr Shawn the Natural Vet on the Sirius Radio lastnight, but he was so busy I couldn't get through. I bet I tried 180 times in an hour! I wanted to see if he had any ideas to help Timber out with the Anaplasmosis, but also ideas to combat the affects of the previous drugs she has taken. It's a bit heartbreaking to know she didn't need those powerful drugs, but hindsight is usually 20/20 right? There is a bright side to every cloud though, and at least she is on a more promising road this week.

How is she eating now? Is she still on hotdogs and spinach? Have you tried feeding canned green tripe? I use Tripett brand, the dogs go ravenous for it, and I would think it would be nice of Timber's stomach provided you don't give very much as it's quite rich. Green tripe has lots of digestive benefits, could help her out.
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