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Poor Timber -- I was just thinking about all she's been through. Many of you might remember that it was Timber who was diagnosed with a cancerous sarcoma on her leg. The tumor was removed with plenty of tissue and it was a long recovery because it was right by her knee so she hardly has any muscle there. After it was removed it was sent for testing and it ended up being a benign fibroma. Pathologists can be wrong.

Our other dog is the one that had the mast cell tumor removed from her nose but no sign of any regrowth -- it has now been 1.5 years! We were told there was a 50% chance that it might come back after 3 years so we are half way there.

Just reflecting on their lives to date. Make me a little teary

They are such great dogs and are essentially my kids as we have no human children. When your pets are ill you just really reflect on the time you have with them and how much joy they have brought to your lives
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