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She was taken to the vets last Wednesday after she seemed to have a mild seizure at the groomers. She checked her over and sent me home. I no sooner got home when she seizured again and I took her back to vets. This time I got oral phenobarb and valium (for rectal use if she has another seizure. I again took her home and she seizured twice. I injected the valium rectally and she lost her bodily functions. I saw signs of her settling down so I thought the valium worked. After two more mild seizures, I took her to the hospital where they put a catheter in and IV pushed phenobarb and more valium. She remained there overnight (Thursday) and then I took her back to my vets for an overnight stay for observation and they released her to me (because they are closed after Sat noon. She does not recognize me and is totally incontinent and pooping in my house. this will be the last time I put anything in the forum if I think that all people are going to do is assume the pet owner (me) is stupid or negligent. I asked a valid question
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