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Oh, my! He's so handsome!

Originally Posted by Melo View Post
I have basically been treating him like a puppy and taking him out every hour or so and keeping him in just the kitchen/family room area. so far he has had very few accidents.

Originally Posted by Melo View Post
the one thing that confuses me about this whole process is do you keep saying go peepee again and again until he pees or do you wait till he lifts his legs and starts peeing? there seems to be two different methods used here. also do you only do this when you take him out just to eliminate or do you use the command even when you take him on a walk and he starts to pee? finally what do you do if your dog never pees everything out at once and pees in small increments cuz he is a marker?
Generally, if we're out the very first time in the morning, I'll give the command once right away, since it's a pretty good bet that there's a full bladder in play. Then, once the dog is peeing, give the command again as part of the praise ("Go peepee, good job!") The rest of the time, I'll watch for the signals that the dog gives off when there's a full bladder or a poopy imminent, get them outside when I see the signals, then praise the same way, using the command in the praise phrase, while they're eliminating. If you're on a walk, use the same technique. Once he's sort of caught on to the command cue, you can start taking him out and using the command to inspire him to do his job.

As for the marking, praise him no matter how big or small the squirt.

Just be consistent, and patient, and it'll happen
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