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thanks for your replies, everyone!

so, Melo came to me just over a week ago from a foster mom who used pee pads as well as going outside. I understand why she did it...she lives in a high rise and has 4 dogs so it's not that easy to take the dogs out. also Melo was marking quite a bit in her apartment so she used the pee pads and also used belly bands.
when he came to my house, I decided that I wanted him to be trained to go outside ONLY. I have basically been treating him like a puppy and taking him out every hour or so and keeping him in just the kitchen/family room area. so far he has had very few accidents.
I really don't know much about his history (eg if he was housebroken etc). all I know is that he was used as a sire for a backyard breeder. as a result, he was neutered very late (about a month and a half ago) and maybe that is the reason why he marks so much inside and outside.
since I decided to try to make him eliminate on command,i have tried to do what all the youtube videos say to do. stay in a small area, put him on a leash, say the magic words ("Go Peepee" is what I say) and then praise and reward him when he's done. so far it hasn't worked. haha...
the one thing that confuses me about this whole process is do you keep saying go peepee again and again until he pees or do you wait till he lifts his legs and starts peeing? there seems to be two different methods used here. also do you only do this when you take him out just to eliminate or do you use the command even when you take him on a walk and he starts to pee? finally what do you do if your dog never pees everything out at once and pees in small increments cuz he is a marker?
anyway, I really don't mind standing out there for 10-15 mins if I have to on a nice clear night but it really sucks to do it on a rainy night or early morning when he is just standing there doing nothing or tugging on his leash to try to get back inside the house without peeing.
I will keep at it and see how it goes.

this is the first dog I have owned in about 10 years. my last dog was a teacup yorkie who only went on paper. we trained him to do so when he was a puppy so he was a pro at it. all the other dogs I've taken care of were already trained and did their business quickly when let out.

thank again for your replies.
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